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Cristovao Cunha

Cristovao Cunha
Cristóvão Cunha, é partner e consultor da YouLead, agência de inbound marketing. Há mais de 20 anos que ajuda as organizações a melhorarem os seus processos de venda e de suporte, alinhando a tecnologia com os objetivos de negócio. Nos últimos 8 anos o seu focus tem sido no inbound marketing e tem trabalhado com empresas como a BMW, SIBS, J. Mello Saúde, Galp Energia, Dekra, Mini, Sonae e Sheraton.
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6 Tips to Find Out What Your Audience is Searching Online

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 09/04/19 17:10

Assembling a content strategy will inevitably entail some trial-and-error, however, there is a number of tactics that you can apply to avoid error and decrease the attempts to success.

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Tags: Copywriting, SEO, Practical Tips

Trouble prioritizing your leads? This article is for you!

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 21/02/19 16:43

In this article you will find an enhanced version of Lead Scoring and disruptive ideas to optimize conversions and increase revenue for your company!

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Tags: YouLead, Lead Scoring, hubspot

4 Marketing Campaigns to Inspire you for Valentine's Day

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 05/02/19 11:12

Valentine's Day approaches and brings with it new marketing opportunities. Get inspired with these campaigns and continue to delight your leads in an Inbound way.

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Tags: Marketing Automation, YouLead, digital marketing, valentine's day, valentine's day campaigns

Checklist: Am I Ready for Predictive Lead Scoring?

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 14/01/19 14:52

According do Forbes, Predictive Lead Scoring will be one of the major Marketing Trends in 2019, but it's not for everyone! Find out if it is for your business and use it to your advantage.

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Tags: YouLead, Lead Scoring, predictive lead scoring, Is predictive lead scoring for me?

Ok, but why Inbound?

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 21/12/18 11:30

Why is Inbound so important? Why is it growing non stop? What does it actually mean for your business and your team?

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Tags: Inbound Marketing, YouLead, marketing trends 2020, Big data

5 Ways in which IoT will Impact Digital Marketing

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 14/12/18 09:38

About 51% of the world's best marketers predict that the Internet of Things is going to revolutionize Marketing in 2020 (Marketo). Let's see how you can take advantage of it. 

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Tags: Inbound Marketing, YouLead, Internet of Things, marketing trends 2020, IoT, Big data, marketing internet of things

Scientific Marketing? Yes, it's Inbound!

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 06/12/18 14:46

The heart of scientific marketing lies in the data, from its collection and analysis, to its use to gain strategic advantage over competitors.

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Tags: Inbound Marketing, inbound marketing, hubspot portugal, marketing trends 2019, marketing trends 2020, scientific marketing

Voice Search: Why and How to Optimize?

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 28/11/18 12:16

Voice Search is flooding the market. Have you rethought your SEO strategy? Learn these 5 inbound tips to optimize your content for Voice Search.

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Tags: SEO, inbound websites, Voice Search, How to optimize voice search, voice search seo, voice search optimization, content marketing

The impact of GDPR in email marketing: it’s worth it after all!

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 26/11/18 15:22

Six months after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, the benefits of complying with it are already noticeable. After all, there is a reward!

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Tags: hubspot, BMW, e-mail marketing, GDPR

5 simple SEO tips to get your website to the top of Google Search

Posted by Cristovao Cunha on 25/11/18 16:55


For many people, being at the top of Google Search’s rankings means spending thousands of dollars on Pay-Per-Click (sponsored ads) campaigns. Although this might be an alternative to improve your website’s visibility in Google’s search engines, marketers need to realize that most people click on the non-sponsored listings that are driven by SEOs rather than on Sponsored Ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly effective technique that helps you not only to achieve higher ranking in the search results, but also optimizing your website’s content and making it more relevant for users. And you know what's the best part? SEO is 100% actionable and free – its results will merely depend on your teams’ commitment to produce meaningful content in your business’ web pages.

Here are 5 tips you can start implementing today in order for your website to get to the top of Google Search:

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