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Inbound Websites

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, compared to only 1.7% for outbound leads.

- Search Engine People, 2018 -

What is an Inbound Website?

An Inbound Website is built for the buyer, not the seller. These websites are optimised to generate leads and are the cornerstone of the Inbound Marketing methodology, with the purpose of meeting the customers’ needs.

When visitors go to your Inbound Website, they should find relevant content matching their buying process stage and find it interesting enough to engage with it - and convert.

Inbound websites

1 - Developing the Strategy for your Inbound Website

Your company has goals, ideas and results to achieve. Bearing in mind that the website is the most important part of your Digital Marketing strategy, it is necessary to align it with those goals.


2 - Design the website

Our experienced team of web designers start to tell your story through a visual process. All the details regarding the usability, graphics, interaction and support content are thoroughly studied and optimised in order to provide a unique experience to your customer. YouLead’s Inbound Marketing Team is always working side by side with the designers to make sure that everything is aligned with both your goals and the digital marketing best practices.


3 - Develop the website

Based on a personalized strategic plan and the approved visuals, we move on to coding the Website. We use platforms such as HubSpot COS to create websites. With HubSpot’s COS, your website can have dynamic content (furthering the personalized experience to your customer), chat, conversion and search engine optimisation (SEO), and integration with other marketing channels that are managed by this platform (i.e. social media, blog).


4 - Test, Measure & Improve

YouLead uses an agile process to develop and optimise websites. We believe that only a process like this can guarantee an accurate monitoring and optimisation of the website in order to measure its effectiveness. That is why, after the website development, we test and measure a set of important attributes that have an impact upon the achievement of every single goal. With these data, we suggest improvements, changes and new features. The agile process will allow your website to be a proper and powerful lead generation engine to your business.


GDDLead Generation and Conversion

Guide your visitors throughout their buyer’s journey and convert them into leads and customers by strategically placing catchy and relevant Call-To-Action buttons.


GDDSearch Engines

Achieve better search engine rankings through the optimisation of all your website pages (on-page SEO).


GDDCross-Device Compatiblity

Deliver a solid experience to your visitors, regardless of the browser, computer or mobile device they are using.


GDDAwesome User Experience

Offer your visitors what they really want. Introduce the right content at the right time to boost greater conversion rates with more high-quality leads.



Enhancing your website’s pages speed will improve user experience (UX) and your website’s SEO.



Providing a safe navigation experience is essential to build trust with your customers. By using SSL on your website, you will improve SEO and reassure your visitors that their information is safe.


growth driven design (GDD)
methodology to develop websites

We believe that website development should generate outcomes as soon as possible. So, we use an agile methodology (GDD – Growth Driven Design) that allows you to start collecting leads right away. 


GDDIdentifying the most important pages for your website
GDDPublish these pages
GDDContinue working on creating new pages and optimising the existing ones
GDDWrite, design and develop those pages first
GDDStart getting results

Want to build your website the traditional way?

No problem! We can do that too. Just let us know what you prefer. YouLead, we answer.

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